A roadmap towards
a sustainable future.


We help organizations embed sustainability and circularity into their core strategies.

Strategy development starts with taking high-level ideas about sustainability and the circular economy and applying them to specific organizational contexts. Based on experience across a broad range of sectors, we produce future-focused strategies to advance specific sustainability goals. For cities and regions, this might include working towards zero waste or accelerating renewable energy capacity, while for companies this could include supply chain impact reduction and waste management, or increasing resource efficiency to manage future risks. 

What are the benefits?

Strategies are customized to the project and organization and can include:

Vision Development

We use our knowledge of circular and sustainable interventions to help leaders envision how their organizations might look if they achieved a fully regenerative future: an invaluable way of changing mindsets within teams and developing the performance goals needed to start working towards these ideals.

Indicator Development

For each area of performance needed to accelerate sustainability or circularity within an organization, we develop Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to monitor progress.

Stakeholder Engagement

By identifying and hosting workshops with key stakeholders, we can pinpoint a range of opportunities and barriers - both real and perceived - that need to be addressed through the organization’s sustainability or circular economy strategy.

Business Model Development

We develop circular business cases for that fit the regional context, match local interest from stakeholders, or address some of the most impactful or problematic waste flows. This results in a clear cost-benefit analysis that allows the most attainable and impactful interventions to be prioritized and taken forward.

Want to help your organisation build a future-focused strategy?