To change the status quo,
we must understand it first.


Our data-driven analytical approach provides insights into the root causes of key impacts. 

We use data science and systems modelling to identify dynamics between complex interactions in a system, be it an organization, supply chain or sector. We have applied this assessment to issues in a number of sectors, including cities, food, logistics, textiles, chemicals, construction, and finance.

What are the benefits?

Analyses are customized to the project and organization and can include:

Systems and trend analysis

Our analytical approach provides insights into the root causes of key impacts and illuminates the leverage points within systems. This helps businesses, governments, and NGOs understand global context, identify future trends, and form interventions that lead to meaningful and lasting change.

Metabolism analysis

Organizations can learn a lot from the metabolisms of natural systems. We look at cities, companies and other organizations through a “Metabolic” lens, focusing on material, energy, water and waste flows to help us develop evidence-based interventions.

Spatial analysis

We use geospatial analysis to study the granular characteristics of areas and regions, highlighting where resource flows can be most effectively matched, and where circular interventions can be the most impactful and cost-effective.

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