Agrifood and Biodiversity

A resilient agrifood sector: feeding the world within the limits of our planet

Agriculture feeds the world. Yet food production is a major driver of environmental impacts like biodiversity loss, climate change, eutrophication, and water use. As the world’s largest economic sector, it is also deeply entwined with poverty challenges. With global food demand set to increase as much as 40% by 2050, the road ahead is complex, but it holds many opportunities.

We work with cities, regions, NGOs, and the private sector to unlock these opportunities.



This pilot project pioneered the development of science-based targets for plant-based food and drink producer Alpro’s almond and soya supply chain. The study provides recommendations on how Alpro can keep within the safe environmental limits set by the Planetary Boundaries framework – and advanced development of methodologies for other companies to do the same.

How we work towards regenerative agrifood systems

Our core business is reinventing systems: supporting industry leaders to innovate within their value chains and transform to more sustainable business models.

Science-based targets for carbon, biodiversity and beyond

Helping companies assess the extent to which their operations are within safe environmental limits, and co-developing targets to help them achieve this.

Circular and regenerative agriculture strategies

Applying the principles of circular and regenerative agriculture to build soils, reduce inputs, make use of by-products, improve freshwater and biodiversity health, and help with climate targets.

Packaging and plastics strategies

Supporting companies to achieve sustainability commitments by reinventing product design, assessing the holistic impact of packaging materials, and developing circular packaging strategies.

Farm-level modelling and implementation

Developing scenarios relating to assets, finance, and farming practices at the (smallholder) farm level, to provide other value chain stakeholders insights into crop quality, income and food security.

Together with businesses, governments, and non-profits, we accelerate a sustainable economy.


Andrew McCue

Commercial & Partnerships Lead - Agrifood & Biodiversity


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Agrifood and Biodiversity Lead

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Brian leads the work of our agrifood and biodiversity team, focusing on interventions at different scales for a transition towards increased system resilience and sustainability.