Agrifood and Biodiversity

Building an agriculture system where people and nature thrive

Agriculture shapes our relationships with plants, animals, soils, water, and each other, yet our current system is a primary driver of biodiversity loss, climate change, water pollution, and freshwater loss. But the agriculture system does not have to be the problem. It can be the solution to achieve healthy diets, resilient ecosystems, and thriving communities.

Together with farmers, governments, and businesses, we accelerate regenerative, nature-positive agriculture and food systems.


This pilot project pioneered the development of science-based targets for plant-based food and drink producer Alpro’s almond and soya supply chain. The study provides recommendations on how Alpro can keep within the safe environmental limits set by the Planetary Boundaries framework – and advanced development of methodologies for other companies to do the same.

How we work towards a regenerative, nature-positive economy

Nature is at the heart of every business. We support industry leaders and governments to uncover new opportunities while mitigating tangible business risks.

With a number of cutting-edge tools at our disposal, including our impact and risk assessment platform Link, we help companies understand their relationship to nature. This can be aligned with leading nature frameworks, including SBTN and TNFD.

To build a solid foundation for action, we use spatial intelligence and local knowledge to quantify impacts and dependencies at a landscape and farm level.

Using our proprietary models, exploratory research, and supplier interviews, we model where your materials come from, filling the gaps in your sourcing data.

TNFD, SBTN, SBTi-FLAG, CDP, CSRD, EUDR; there’s a lot of noise about nature and biodiversity in the business world. From selection to implementation, we walk you through every step of your framework of choice.

We closely collaborate with stakeholders to build customized nature-positive strategies, emphasizing implementation, change-by-doing, and long-term systemic transformation.

We leverage Systems Thinking to help you uncover root causes, pinpoint highly effective actions, and navigate tradeoffs. Our approach involves facilitating iterative, co-creative processes tailored to apply Systems Thinking principles directly to strategy and project development.

We advise on regenerative practices, science-based monitoring and evaluation frameworks, new business models for transition finance, and stakeholder engagement.

We facilitate capacity building with key stakeholders, both within your organization as well as with supply chain partners and farmers/cooperatives to guide their transition journeys on the ground.

By collaborating closely with key stakeholders and providing strategic advice, we guide (local) governments in the transition to a nature-positive, regional food system.

Link, by Metabolic Software is a nature and biodiversity assessment platform that helps organizations measure their nature-related impacts and risks. With automated data collection and a unique prioritization module, Link provides clear direction on where to focus efforts while saving time for the business and the planet.


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Brian leads the work of our agrifood and biodiversity team, focusing on interventions at different scales for a transition towards increased system resilience and sustainability.