Metabolic is a cleantech development and systems consulting firm.

We are powered by a cooperative of multi-disciplinary entrepreneurs who share a desire to realize epic, groundbreaking projects that actively transition the world to a more equitable, sustainable state.

We believe in innovation that democratizes technology

and empowers people. We work with universities, utilities, research institutes, and businesses to implement holistic and replicable building blocks for a resilient society.

Metabolic has its headquarters in Amsterdam and our non-profit arm, Metabolic Foundation, works on community development projects around the world.

Metabolic working together with the Circle Economy

Project Highlight: Analyze

Circle Economy

Through our work with Dutch foundation Circle Economy, we advise corporations and government organizations on systemic transformation towards sustainability. Platform members that we work with range from consumer products companies like Phillips to organizations in the financial services sector like Rabobank. We developed a process-based methodology called the Circle Scan to help identify leverage points for systems change.

Project Highlight: Design

Sensor Systems

Open software and low-cost hardware have fueled a revolution in wireless sensing and automation. In our work with sanitation, water, energy, and food systems, we apply sensors to monitor resource consumption, environmental qualities, and technical performance.

Project Highlight: Experiment


Symbioculture is a systems approach to agriculture that combines biotechnology, permaculture, and the latest advances in crop science to create commercially viable yields of food, medicine, and materials. We’re working with Dutch greenhouse farmers, Rabobank, and Innovatie Netwerk to apply the Symbioculture approach and evaluate its broader application.

Metabolic Symbioculture

Project Highlight: Build

De Ceuvel

Over the past year, together with our partners space&matter and DELVA Landscape Architects, we have been transforming a plot of polluted land into a creative office park that is largely self-sufficient for energy, sanitation, water, and nutrient recovery. The de Ceuvel site in North Amsterdam will be a one of a kind living laboratory and office park that showcases clean technology in the built environment. It is the first of two urban developments as part as Metabolic’s Cleantech Playground concept.


Strategy Consulting

We translate the complexity of sustainability into clear pathways for decision-making for both private and public sector clients. Our main analytical activities include:
  • Strategy consulting for organizations
  • Systems analysis for companies, industries and regions
  • Sustainability assessment and indicator development
  • Technical feasibility studies and business model development
  • Infrastructure design and transition plans for cities and regions

Technical Consulting

Metabolic designs sustainable urban metabolisms and circular business models for products and services. Our design work is focused primarily on:
  • Infographic development and data visualization
  • Product development as a service
  • Technical designs for cleantech integration in the built environment
  • Commercial and urban-scale polyculture food systems
  • Applied research in food, materials, sensors, energy, water, and sanitation

Integrated Product Development

Research and development is core to our work, which includes understanding local context, testing the efficiency of integrated systems, and experimenting with new materials and technologies. Our work in this area spans:
  • Mobile Resource Utilities
  • Decentralized bioprocessing
  • Integrating technologies to maximize synergies within systems
  • Open-hardware, do-it-yourself (DIY) technology development for urban areas


Metabolic provides educational programs that teach sustainability from a systems perspective. We simplify these complex topics for various groups in a way that is hands-on and creative. We offer programs for primary and secondary schools, university students, and professionals. Programs include topics such as:
  • Systems Thinking
  • Civic Entrepreneurship
  • Sustainability and the Environment
  • Urban Agriculture & Nutrient Cycles


Metabolic is composed of people from all over the world who are passionate about using their skills to drive systems change.

Sloth van Slothy

Sloth van Slothy is the slothiest sloth to ever sloth slothily. Hailing from the top of a tall tree, he is often seen slothing at Metabolic, where he is working to engineer slothier solutions for slothy sloths in developing nations. He spends the rest of his time doing absolutely nothing.


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The Cleantech Playground is a living lab spanning two urban developments in Amsterdam North.
In the fall of 2012, Metabolic began working with two communities, Schoonschip and De Ceuvel, to design and develop the technologies and governance needed for the developments.
The concept details how nutrients, energy, and water can be recycled on-site to maximize efficiency of resources. It explores the role decentralized technologies play in a resilient urban metabolism.
The Cleantech Playground was first a feasibility study of closed cycle, sustainable built environments. We published the report in February 2013 with Innovatie Netwerk, part of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. Click here to read the full report.
Schoonschip, the second neighborhood part of the Cleantech Playground, will be constructed in 2014. The floating community is a living environment 47 families that aims to be the most sustainable neighborhood in Europe. It moves beyond the goals of de Ceuvel by providing robust food production, shared community spaces, and shared electric vehicles.


Publications & Materials

Company Brochure
Cleantech Playground Report
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Polydome Applied Report
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